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Why Do You Need

Neden Patent?

Trademark expresses all marks, in condition to distinguish an enterprise’s goods and services from another enterprise’s goods and services, including personal name, especially words, figures, letters, numbers, “shape of the goods” or “packages” which can be displayed by drafting or displayed in a similar way and can be published and reproduced by printing.

All enterprises active in business use at least one trademark and gain recognition by their clients owing to this trademark. Your trademark is not legally yours before registration. For this reason, introducing the trademark before registry application may cause the loss of a valuable right. Yet your trademark can be registered by another applicant when during presentation. In this case you may have to proof your rightness through legal means. Such case may cause you to abandon your trademark or financial and spiritual damages for your firm.

Why Do You Need

Neden Patent?

The main objectives of patent system are to encourage the activity of inventing and carry out the technical, economical and social improvement by implementing the inventions in industry.

Patent is an intellectual property which provides privilege to the applicant for producing, trading and licensing the subject invention for a specific time period. Therefore, your only ground for restraining other parties to produce and trade your invention without your permission is the Patent Certificate acquired by your side.

Why Do You Need Industrial Design Certificate?

Neden Patent?

Industrial design, expresses the entire particulars of a product or a part of a product including ornaments, lines, figures, color, fabric, material or flexibility which can be perceived by human senses.

Nowadays, the possibility to draw attention for an original design depends on the designer’s effort, imagination and financial capability. Therefore, in order to continue to produce on an ongoing base, designers need reasonable return in both economical and social means. This case is only possible when the applicant has the right to restrain other parties to use or sell the subject industrial design without permission. Only design registry acquired by your side can provide this right to the applicant.

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